Alban Leandri

Hi, my name is Alban, and I am French. Bonjour!

I started my career in the digital sector in 2015, after prior academic & working experience in mechanical/energy engineering.

Since then, I have worked at several technology companies where I built expertise in multiple domains, including:

  • Product management
  • Digital analytics
  • Growth hacking
  • Digital marketing & advertising
  • Marketing & sales automation
  • Process automation, monitoring & improvement
  • Web development

I am also a big fan of science-fiction and a nature/wildlife lover!

Contributing to this blog is for me the occasion to refresh prior knowledge, expand it, and share some knowledge with whoever willing to learn more about the fields I mentioned above.

Remember what Professor Norman says in Lucy (2014)?

“You know… If you think about the very nature of life… I mean, at the very beginning, the development of the first cell, when it divided into two cells… the sole purpose of life has been to pass on what was learned. There was no higher purpose. So if you’re asking me what to do with all this knowledge you’re accumulating, I say… Pass it on…”